This web site will primarily be about my quilting. However, it will also feature other needlework projects that I may work on, mainly my cross-stitch efforts.

I’m hoping this site is viewed by those who share my interest in these two mediums, but also I’m hoping to inspire interest to any readers who just happen by.

I work full time, so I can’t promise how often I will add posts. But, I will try to add something new every 10 days or so. Sometimes more often.

I am doing this because I want to journal my adventure and archive my projects. But, I also want to share what I’m doing and generate some conversation and new ideas.

Here is a sampling of my quilting. Not all of these are completed….

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  1. Margaret Dukes

    I absolutely LOVED your method for making Chevrons for Celtic Solstice. I found it to be the easiest, quickest, MOST PERFECT way possible. The other way was quite frustrating for me.

    Will you be issuing a way to make Part 2 Chevrons using strip sewing? I sure hope so!!!



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